Anonymous: Aw I don't want to make you sad I'm just curious as to what happened. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. (:

How thoughtful, but it’s really okay. Basically, that car was very old. Not in the sense of years as it was only a 2003, but mileage. I lost it with 217,000 miles on it, so it had had a long life. Coming home one day, it was driving like normal when all of a sudden, my temperature gauge went WAY up and then white (what I initially thought was smoke) steam started billowing out of the hood in clouds so thick, I couldn’t see the car behind me. After pulling off, and popping the hood, I found that a hose that carried coolant had burst (hence the steam,) I lost all my coolant, engine overheated to a point where it ruined the water pump, and done significant damage to the head. After it had to be towed to the shop, they said it would cost more to fix it than it was worth. So they made us an offer. So that’s the story. That car was special to me in a way that even some people that have known me for years couldn’t even understand. It was my first car and I am already exceedingly passionate about Land Rover’s to begin with. Not to worry though, it may have been my first Rover, but definitely will not be my last.

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10 Random Facts
  • I am obsessed with a good pen.
  • The highest setting on a car’s AC fan drives me CRAZY.
  • I find the sternocleidomastoid muscle very sexy.
  • I believe in emotional attachments to cars.
  • I cannot do a somersault. I just can’t.
  • When I was little, one of my life goals was to grow a mustache.
  • I apparently have longer than normal hair follicles on my tongue.
  • I cannot think of more breathtakingly beautiful plants than bonsai trees.
  • I am utterly and shamelessly fascinated by human sexuality.
  • I love the ocean, but nothing scares me more than its vastness.
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zayn-is-horany-deactivated20131: How do feel about the new Range Rover? I am personally a little disappointed. It looks too much like a For Explorer. And it's doesn't have enough of that classic Range Rover look in my opinion. To be honest, I'm hoping it's like a joke or what they're showing us pictures of right now is a pre-production model and the actual thing will be different.

I’m so happy you brought this up because, as you all know, I love talking about cars. So be prepared for a rant.

First of all, people need to get off Land Rover’s back. This is the 21st century and the company needs to adapt to the world around them which has become very sleek, streamlined, and eco-friendly. Everything that classic SUV’s are not. 

As for the design, I hate when people try to compare them to any other vehicle. The only reason this generation Range Rover looks at all like the new generation Explorer is, I think, because of the head and taillights. Big whoop. That being said, if we jump back to 2004 and look at the Discovery and the Explorer, you’ll see they share a design in the headlights too. But nobody cared because they were both such different vehicles otherwise. The Mercedes-Benz CLS and the Volkswagen CC have a similar design in their overall shape, but other then that, they are very different as well. Also, Ford owned Land Rover for a number of years (2003-2008 I believe) so naturally the companies are going to share some design similarities. 

So many people base Land Rover on it’s “look.” The classic, rugged look. Which is true. I personally don’t think they can be mistaken for anything else. Especially the older ones. However, not only has the Range Rover kept the same basic shape for over 40 years, but so many people also seem to forget that Land Rovers key belief for almost 70 years in designing their models is to make a vehicle that can tackle the worst driving conditions in the world (not exaggerating) while doing so in comfortable interiors, filled to the brim with luxurious, state-of-the-art amenities. The Range Rover is and always has been like nothing else on the road. No one has been able to match the combination of refinement and capability found in the Range Rover.

Land Rover is a company that, like Jeep, has been struggling in the recession because they don’t design compact vehicles, so they are forced to step away from the boxy designs, which is prominent in the Range Rover Evoque. This isn’t the 90’s anymore, and people actually DO care about gas mileage and it will sway them greatly in buying a car. Before they jumped on the environmental bandwagon with the rest of the auto world, they struggled desperately from about 2006 to 2008, because their vehicles were still heavy, powerful beasts. 

There is no way that this Range Rover is a “joke” because if it was a pre-production or concept vehicle, they would say so. They have already announced that it will be available in Europe by September and the US by Christmas.

I’m very pleased with how they redesigned it, and I can not wait to see the redesigned Defender in 2014 and redesigned LR5/Discovery 5 in 2016. I tip my hat to Land Rover because, one thing no one can deny, they’re trying.

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Sean O’Donnell be mine.
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Whenever I stumble across spiders in my home, I take photos of them, refer to them as “she,” give them old, classy, British lady names, and scare them off so someone else doesn’t stumble across them and squash them. This is me.

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Anonymous: how have you been cheated on if you've never been in a relationship?

The person was, at the time, someone very special to me and I considered what we had everything that a relationship is except for the social label…if that makes sense. It was practically a relationship, but I found out that they had been lying to me pretty much right before I intended making things official. So because that never happened, I didn’t consider it an actual relationship. I had been totally truthful to this person and I didn’t get the same in return which made me feel like I had been cheated.

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"ur rlly cutee(:"

Ok so I just had some random guy message me on Facebook. Exactly like the many random guys before, I have no idea who he is, but he starts flirting with me immediately and says “hey :) *insert name of acquaintance here* told me about u n i thout u wer cute so i requested u (:”


See straight people, you really get on my fucking nerves sometimes because you never seem to be able to just leave me be and meet and talk to guys on my own. You always have to “find me someone” and “set me up with someone.” Believe me, its immensely flattering. I can’t deny that you guys have nothing but good intentions and thank you so much, but frankly I find it rather offensive, for a couple reasons. First of all, it makes me seem like I am incapable of meeting and interacting with guys just because “there aren’t that many gay people,” which is false anyway. It makes me seem desperate and that I NEED to be set up with someone no matter what because I can’t STAND being alone. Excuse me? Do you even know me? If you did, you would know that I love independence just as much as being in a relationship. There is also this unbearable stereotype you all pose that basically states if two guys are gay, single, and near the same age that they’ll immediately hit it off and be into each other. What, do I not have standards? Do I not have a specific taste? Oh. Right. I’ll date any guy that come across me. Silly me, thanks for finding me my future soul mate. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I just find it really offensive in a way that I just can’t fully and easily explain. I DON’T want to be the first thing you think of when you meet a single, gay guy.

"Oh wait! You’re gay! MY friend is gay TOO! Omg I’m totally gonna set you guys up, you’ll be perfect together!"

I don’t need that. Unless you want me to start giving your name and number out to every single, straight girl or guy that I see, stop having random people contact me. All it does is make things awkward for me and give false hope to them. Because, believe it or not, I have standards and very high ones at that so chances are I won’t be interested. Does this make me sound like an asshole? Well so be it then, because I’m sick of this bullshit. Sure, I’d like someone, I mean who wouldn’t? But I sure as hell don’t NEED anyone. Wouldn’t you feel a little weird if some random person that you don’t have anything in common with and aren’t attracted to found you, not just stumbled across you, but SEARCHED for you just because some other acquaintance of yours that you don’t even know that well to begin with told them to? Yeah, welcome to my world.  

Thanks but…no thanks.

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